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A 21st Century SMART Fabric

the Latest in High Performance Sleep Technology Textiles.

Bed Sheet Fundraiser

Our Story

When you need to raise money for your group, turn to a bed sheet and pillow fundraising company you can trust and has a proven track record. We are the ORIGINAL bed sheet and pillow fundraising company and pride ourselves on stellar customer service. When you call us, you speak with the company owner, who is ready to answer your questions. Achieve your group’s goal with our high-strength, wrinkle-free microfiber bed sheets and shredded memory foam micro-rayon bamboo pillows. We offer sheets and pillows from top manufacturers and sell only the best. You will feel the difference as soon as you touch our soft bed sheets.

Fundraising Opportunities

Give your customers something practical that they use every day with our bed sheet and pillow fundraising sales. We offer a large selection of sheets to choose from, so give us a call to discuss an exciting and proven bed sheet fundraiser for your organization.


How We Work

Sheets 4 All Occasions’ unique fund-raising solutions make your fundraising efforts stand out from the rest and give you the best chance of making money for your cause. We want you to learn how our pillow and bed sheet fundraisers work before you give us a call.

Sheets 4 All Occasions

Specializing in Bedsheet ‘N Pillow Fundraisers

Our Products

We sell only the best in high strength, wrinkle-free, microfiber yarn, 4-piece sheet sets. You are guaranteed to receive at least a “soft touch as a” 1800 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set. They are all 100% guaranteed to be free of defects and pilling. You get to choose from 5 different sizes and 16 different colors. Our customers absolutely love the feel of these sheets.

Easy Fundraising Opportunities with Bed Sheet and Pillow Sales


Go ahead and plan now for your upcoming bed sheet and pillow fundraiser from our company in Umpire, Arkansas. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time trying to raise funds with a small return. Unlike most fundraisers that don’t sell large profit-generating items, we provide an exciting and money making alternative. THESE SHEETS AND PILLOWS SIMPLY SELL THEMSELVES!!

Durable Bed Sheets and Pillows

Made from strong wrinkle-free microfiber yarn, our bed sheets are made to last, wash after wash and are 100% GUARANTEED. They look and feel amazing, they come in five sizes, from twin to California king and have EXTRA DEEP POCKETS to fit all pillowtop mattresses. Our pillows are made from shredded memory foam that has an outer zippered lining made from micro-rayon and bamboo. They are available in both king and standard sizes.


A 21st Century SMART Fabric…the Latest in High Performance Sleep Technology Textiles.


Spandex-free so That Rough Skin and Callouses Don’t Snag Fabric.


Dries Super Fast On Medium Heat in 20 Minutes.


Perfect for Night Sweats

18″ Deep Pockets with Elastic All Around Will Fit Memory Foam, Custom Number and Double Pillow Top Mattresses.
Pet Hair Does Not “Weave” Itself into Fabric, and High Performance Yarns Offer Better Protection Against Claws.

No Shrinkage 


Reversible Brushed Finish on Both Sides for Extraordinary 1800 Thread Count Softness.

Anti-Pill…No Little Balls (Rolly-Pollies) on Your Fitted Sheets.

Always Ultra Soft Right Out of the Package

Hypoallergenic and Great for Allergies, Sensitive Skin, Eczema.

Anti-Microbial to Prevent Dust and Pollen from Adhering to Fabric

Stain Resistant So That Stains Don’t Set as Quickly.
Fiber Never Treated with Pesticides Like Natural, Non-Organic Fabrics.
Warm Sleepers Stay Cool, Cool Sleepers Stay Cozy.

More Breathable and Lightweight than Most Fabrics, Including Cotton. 


Strong and Durable 

Colors Will Not Fade, Whites Will Not Gray or Become Dingy from Laundering.
Anti-Slip, Non-Sateen Finish Means Softness Without Slipping or Sliding Off Your Bed.

Comes Out of Dryer with No Wrinkles 

Available colors for the sheets include:

How We Work For You

At our company, we guarantee our bed sheets and pillows are free of defects and pilling. We have sold thousands of these sheets for more than ten years, and our many repeat customers have seen amazing results. We will supply everything you need for your pillow and bed sheet fundraiser with no startup costs. Just simply contact us and give us your address and we will mail you everything you need to get started!

Why Choose Us

As the original bed sheet and pillow fundraising company, we offer an alternative to predictable ways to raise money for field trips, a medical procedure for group members, or a group activity that needs extra revenue. In most cases, these groups sell candy, popcorn, pizza, or cookie dough. You can find these random items in any store. However, we offer unique products to make your luxurious bed sheet fundraiser stand out and last for years to come.

As an added incentive, Sheets 4 All Occasions offers a referral program that lets you make extra money and offers business opportunities within the company. This program pays you extra money for any referrals you send our way. Just simply tell someone else about us and when they place an order, we send you a check based upon the number of sales they have. We have written checks to different groups totaling several thousand dollars each and every year!!

Referral Program

Our Plan

So, if you are tired of small-time fundraisers such as popcorn, cookie dough, pizzas, cookbooks, and candles, here is a new and exciting plan for you! Sell something everyone needs and uses them over and over again!

All you do is hand our order forms, take up orders, collect the money and send in your order. Once the payment is made, your order is processed, and shipment is made usually within 2 weeks.

Our price to you is $25 per set which includes shipping and handling. If you sell them for at least $35 per set (and all groups do—some sell for more depending on your area), you are guaranteed to make at least $10 per set.

Meet The Founders

About Us

Olin Vaughn and Donnetta Vaughn

Olin Vaughn and his wife Donnetta are the founders of Vaughn Heavenly Linens Inc. aka Sheets 4 all Occasions. Donnetta came up with the idea while we were pastoring a church in Arkansas in 2008. We helped the church there raise over $20,000 to finish the inside of their sanctuary. We believe in treating one another like you want to be treated and sell only the very best in quality of sheets and pillows.

Since 2008, Sheets 4 All Occasions has been helping groups nationwide achieve their goals in an unconventional fashion by selling bed sheets and pillows. It may seem strange at first, but groups and organizations across the country are now employing this proven technique in their fundraising strategies.

Assisting Everyone

Ever since we began, we have been helping other groups, schools, and churches across the country achieve their goals through our pillow and bed sheet fundraisers. Let us help you achieve yours. A step above the conventional way to raise funds, bed sheet and pillow fundraising has been on a steady increase since 2008. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to raise money for your cause now.

Spreading the Word

A woman from the neighboring Baptist church liked the sheets so well that she asked us to help her church raise money. Within two months, they sold more than 600 sets, making more than $6,000. With this, the idea of bed sheet fundraising was born and has been spreading across the country.

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